POM has a high strength, it is tough, hard, with self-greasing character and good sliding properties, its shock resistance is excellent even at low temperatures, it has a great size stability (low water absorption), flexible, with good recovery and regeneration properties (spring and clamping stress), good vibration and dynamic load, it is chemical resistant, physiological faultless (versions without additives), it can be applied in a wide temperature range (-50 °C / +100 °C), it has a weak weather-resistance, it is satisfactory only in case of the black versions (with added coal smut). Its natural colour is coated white.

Due to its material characteristics POM-C bars are used for the production of bearings, gearwheels, lifting, supporting and general machine components, dowels, pistons, rollers, clamping and insulating fittings, supply chain members, templates, meat industrial moulds. Suitable for works requiring increased accuracy

Plastics with other bearing purposes in our delivery program:

PTFE – Teflon,
PEEK - Polyether-etherketone,
HGW - Textile bakelite etc.