thyssenkrupp Materials Slovakia offers several polyethylene plate products. The scope of application of the product is extended in industry.

Owing to their mechanical strength, toughness even at low temperatures, high electric insulation capability, resistance again dilute solvent of salts, acids, easy machinability, weldability, hot-formability hard polyethylene plates (PE-300 plate) can be excellently used in chemical industry and machinery, in welded equipment, during vessel and shaft production and in orthopaedics.

Owing to their high mechanical strength and flexibility, good sliding properties, good abrasion resistance, low water-absorbing capacity (underwater tasks), easy machinability, excellent chemical resistance, high heat and excellent cold and weather resistance (-250 °C / +80 °C) the polyethylene plates with ultrahigh molecular mass (PE-1000 plate) are typically used for bearings, deflecting, chain, belt and saddle ducts, high-power abutments, industrial slides, gliding components, sliding and guiding components of packaging and material handling machines, lining of bulk material storage and forwarding surfaces, scrapers and rolls, sporting articles, but these are also applied by every field of chemical and pharmaceutical and food industry.

Available product versions:

PE-100 plate,
PE-300 plate,
PE-300 (playground) plate,
PE-500 plate,
PE-1000 plate