The PA6 bar (upon request plate) is available also in the sortiment of thyssenkrupp Materials Slovakia. It has high strength, tough, resistant to vibration, fatigue, vibration and noise damping, good abrasion resistance, resistant to weak acids and anorganic solvents, dimensional accuracy and other strength properties depend on the moisture content of the environment and temprature to a great extent (significant water absorption: 3-4 %), it is applicable in a wide temperature range (-40 °C / +90 °C). Its natural colour is milk-white or beige.

Due to its material characteristics PA6 bar can be applied for bushings, gearwheels, sliding bearings, coupling inserts, ball or roller cage of rolling-contact bearings, pushers, supporting rollers, supporting and insulating components and pulleys, rope and V-belt discs. Due to its water absorption it is not suitable for the production of components with strict tolerances!

Typical versions:

PA 6 (extruded polyamide 6),
PA6 G (moulded polyamide 6),
PA 6 G Mo (moulded polyamide 6 filled with molybdenum disulphide),
PA 6.6 (extruded polyamide 6.6),
PA 6.6 GF30 (extruded polyamide 6 + 30 % glass fibre)