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Alloyed engineering steel

Our alloyed engineering steel products are high-alloy steels produced with special diligence, which are suitable for the production of machine and vehicle industrial components. We offer the following typical alloyed engineering steels from stock:

Case-hardning round steel ( 16/20MnCr5)
The property of the case-hardening round steel is the combination of tough core and wear-resisting case. It is excellently suitable for application in the vehicle industry and machinery, e.g. for the production of gearwheels, axes, studs or even drive gears.

Tempering round steel (42CRMO4)
The advantage of tempering steel is its toughness and dynamic resistance. It is available in tempered, annealed and drawn/scraped execution. Typical fields of application: production of wrenches, axle parts and drive gears.

Flat spring steel
The main advantage of flat spring steel is that it changes its form upon the effect of stress, then after deceasing of the stress it regains its original form. Owing to this it is excellently suitable for the manufacturing of flat springs, plate springs, cylindrical springs, torsion flat springs for trucks and disc springs as well.

Cast round bar
Cast bar is differentiated from the other bars by its good heat-conductivity and vibration absorption. Its field of application is extremely diversified, however it is mainly used for the manufacturing of different vehicle industrial, machinery components, e.g. pistons, cylinder heads, brake drums, stator frames.